A Letter To Baby Rosario

From the moment I learned of your existence, my heart has become increasingly tender and my body stronger. I’ve created space, built resiliency and embraced awareness to keep you healthy and safe. You’ve become my life teacher and I can already sense your wisdom and strength. I feel and connect with every little jab, every hiccup, every twist and turn and every breathe you take. May you always feel the love that surrounds you and embrace the joy and challenges that life will bring. May you always see a reflection that projects self love and respect. May you always know you are not alone and that light always prevails. May you understand that beauty is not necessarily an appearance but a feeling and experience that grows from within. May you plant many seeds in your lifetime and nurture them until they grow into your dreams and desires. May you cultivate a world of love and respect and may your beautiful energy soak into the depths of the universe. May you always experience curiosity and feel the liberty to question and explore. May you always know that we love you.

Love, Mom